AL7LQ - Curtis D. 'Curt' Law AL7LQ

Curtis D. 'Curt' Law
Kodiak, AL

QCWA # 37949
First Call: WN2UVI       Other Call(s): WA2PIV WB2NBR WL7CWZ

I'm primarily a VHF/UHF and microwave buff. I also enjoy military history and volunteer at the Kodiak Island Military History Museum.

I love old tube rigs and military radios and enjoy restoring them as time permits. My current vintage ham station is located at the Kodiak Military History Museum. It consists of a BC-375 transmitter with tuning units for 600, 160, 80/75, 40 and 30 meters. The receiver is a Hammurlund HQ-120X and a frequency meter rounds out the package. At home, I use an AN/URC-113 and a Maxcom antenna matcher. At the office, I operate an Icom IC-F8101 HF rig for the Alaska State Defense Force.

I am part owner of Aksala Electronics Inc. My partner is Joe Stevens, WL7AML. I also serve as back up engineer at KMXT/KODK public radio/TV. Member of Bayside Volunteer Fire Department (Communications), Kodiak ARES, Alaska State Defense Force and the Salvation Army.

I've lived on Kodiak Island since 1987. My house mate is my 11 year old dog named "ATHENA". She goes everywhere with me.

I've been receiving QSL cards via the mail and email inquiries on contacts I made, on HF, since 2017. During the winter of 2017, my home HF antenna system was destroyed three (3) times that winter. I ran out of time and money needed to replace it. Even to this day. While I can operate from the Museum, the vintage equipment only does CW or AM.

It would appear that someone is pirating my call sign. For those who are expecting a QSL card, I'm truly sorry. There's nothing I can do about a pirate I know nothing about.

Curt AL7LQ

AL7LQ - Curtis D. 'Curt' Law
Galley, Curt Law, AL7LQ/WA2PIV - Sitkinak Island - Spring 1988

March 01, 2019