KE7EX - Matthew J. 'Matt' Strachan KE7EX

Matthew J. 'Matt' Strachan
Herndon, VA

QCWA # 37975
First Call: KE4DXE issued in 1993       Other Call(s): VQ9MJ & KX4PL

Great to meet you on Amateur Radio! Recent upgrade to Amateur Extra, at present I operate CW on 80/40/30/20m <100W, practicing code copy with Gordon West WB6NOA's 'Radio School' CD's, experimenting with antennas, and exploring propagation.

For the time being my operating is focused solely on CW and am really enjoying it, but got a ways to go before I.m up in speed and proficiency to where I can hang with the big dogs. Morse code is proving to be the challenge and the excitement that got me into radio in the first place. If reading this, thanks for your patience with my beginner skill level . I really appreciate it!

When practical I am returning to the Pacific Northwest WA USA and look forward to operating .Summits On The Air. (SOTA), particularly from the most remote yet-to-be-activated locations in the "Chelan" region. I wish you much enjoyment with radio and hope to hear you on the air again soon!


KE7EX - Matthew J. 'Matt' Strachan

April 11, 2019