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CAVEAT: The above links take you to the www.qth.net website. They control the software that makes the QCWA reflector possible. When it asks you to subscribe you are in the QCWA area at qth.net and you will be subscribing to the QCWA reflector. I have no control over how their web pages are displayed or laid out. You must be subscribed with your actual email ID to post a message to the list. You can't(shouldn't) post from your ARRL, RAC or AmSat alias


Not Allowed:
Formatted text.
    Plain text only please. No HTML or BOLD or Underlined or Colored text allowed.

Multiple e-mail recipients.
    Address your message to this reflector only.

    Viruses can be included in attachments. Even a jpg, gif or
    any other graphics file may contain a virus.

Flames (personal attacks).
    not liked, not necessary.

Topics off the primary purpose of the reflector.
    These may be allowed if the subject is of interest to a majority of the reflector
    subscribers (which is difficult to determine); and if it doesn't drag on too long.
    Our reflector is primarily for QCWA-related postings.

    Anything that pertains to QCWA.
    Items For Sale, Trade or Wanted
If you have comments about how this reflector is operated, please contact:
Chapter and Member Relations Standing Committee
Pete Varounis, NL7XM, Chair
Reflector Administrator
Pierre Mainville, VE3PM