Candidate for Vice President
Many QCWA members will remember me from being General Manager of QCWA a few years ago and more details are on my QRZ page.

I was first licensed in 1956 at age 12 in Buffalo, NY. But was only active for about 2 months when my parents decided to buy a house trailer and move somewhere South. We stopped for about a year in Pittsburgh to care for my ailing Aunt. I could do SWLing but no transmitting there. After many months of travel and many states, we ended up in Miami, FL. During High School I worked in local radio broadcasting and met my first real Elmer. I later got a degree in Broadcasting from the University of Florida. I worked in Albuquerque, NM and again in Miami, FL. I later went on to work in the computer and communications industries and a few other fields. I was licensed a few times, but when time to renew I was so busy with work and family it slipped by me. In 2010 I retook the exams from Tech to Extra and really will keep renewing. My radio interests include homebrewing, restoring, QRP, DX and Contesting. I am developing Video Podcasts on some of those topics.

I am also an ARRL Life Member, a VE Team Leader, member of many local clubs and other organizations including IEEE and SBE.

I fully support the efforts led by Ken Oelke to revitalize the QCWA and to Elmer and support Youth in our hobby. I would like to pursue restoring contact with QCWA members who have been out of touch, recruiting new members to join QCWA, developing a QCWA Podcast, developing meeting presentations for local chapters, developing a streaming QCWA meeting for those removed from a local chapter, getting future QCWA members and supporters to attend local chapters, and extending our outreach to young Hams. I would like to see QCWA recognized as THE source for Elmers.

73 & 47,
Tom Loughney, AJ4XM