QCWA's - The Old Man Flag of the Great State of Flordia Andy Clark
Chapter 12 - Miami, Florida
Chartered February 16, 1962




The Andy Clark Chapter 12 was charted February 15th 1962 as the Southeast Chapter #12 . On January 14th 1999 the name of the chapter was changed to The Andy Clark Chapter 12 in Andy's Memory. Andy became a silent key on December 31st 1998. Andy was a Florida Legend in the Florida Ham Community.

Andy was born in Kansas on May 21st 1923. He was first licensed as W9KCS at the age of 16. He joined the US Navy during world War II and lost several fingers during a accident on shipboard.

He founded and published "Florida Skip", a ham magazine that carried the news of all the Ham activities in the state of Florida. He was a life member of QCWA and ARRL. He was a FCC section Emergency Coordinator in addition to being Chairman of the Community Red Cross. He was employed for many years as a radio operator at Aeronautical Radio. He was President of Chapter 12 many times and served as its guiding light.

Public Service was always a word he associated with ham radio. He was a Florida legend in Amateur Radio and our chapter felt we needed to honor Andy by naming our chapter after him.