QCWA Conventions and Cruises

2017Caribbean Cruise
2013Caribbean Cruise
2012Reno, NV
2011Warwick, RI
2009Caribbean Cruise
2008Virginia Beach, VA
2007Denver, CO
2006Calgary, AB
2005Alaska Cruise
2004Ottawa, ON
2003Dallas, TX
2002Orlando, FL
2001Caribbean Cruise
2000Toronto, ON
1999St Louis, MO
1998Palm Springs, CA
1997Kansas City, MO
1996Ottawa, ON
1995Manchester, NH
1994El Paso, TX
1993St Petersburg, FL
1992Scottsdale, AZ
1991Canton, OH
1990Kansas City. MO
1989Baton Rouge, LA
1988McLean, VA
1987San Diego, CA
1986St Petersburg, FL
1985Winston-Salem, NC
1984Windsor Locks, CT
1983Denver, CO
1982Nashville, TN
1981Cleveland, OH
1980Orlando, FL
1979Chicago, IL
1978San Diego, CA
1977Seattle, WA
1976Houston, TX
1975Reston, VA
1974Orlando, FL
1973Scottsdale, AZ
1972Washington, DC

Meetings were held twice a year in New York City from 1948 through 1971. In 1972 an annual convention was held in Washington DC and in 1973 one was held in Scotsdale, AZ. Barry Goldwater, K7UGA was the force behind holding meetings outside of NYC. There were only two members from 2 land at the AZ convention, that's when I decided to start a local chapter in Northern New Jersey, thus began Chapter 77

Ralph Hasslinger, W2CVF
Charter Member #23
May 3, 2005