This surviving QSL Card from Otto to Lenny for a 10 Meter groundwave phone QSO from two miles away on Febuary 3, 1948 is critically historic to the Organization.

It is the earliest known example of our beloved "Old Man" logo employed after it was first conceived (and spontaneously scribbled on a table napkin!) only 8 weeks earlier at that now legendary dinner gathering at Pappas Restaurant that marked our Founding on December 5, 1947.

In his remarks, Otto cited the delay for Lenny to receive this QSL was waiting for their completion by the printer, no doubt ordered immediately after the design was officially adopted.

(Webmasters note: The original "OM" was conceived by Don Hoffman 8UX, an ARRL illustrator in the early 1920s.
Otto added the sparks and "QCWA". We've been using it ever since. Bob, NØUF)

Art work by Don, 8UX

A Big Special Thanks to Pete the Greek, NL7XM for these images and text.