K6HEY - Heather Glass K6HEY

Heather Glass
New Orleans, LA

QCWA # 37988
First Call: KE6HEY issued in 1994

Heather was first licensed on May 24, 1994. Within 1 year, she upgraded her Technician Licence with the 5 wpm code test, while her Aunt went from 0 to Tech-Plus on the same day in April 1995.

Heather studied as part of a locally sponsored program, and tested in March at the Sunnyvale VEC in Northern California. Her class was instructed by Jack Lindley, W6YOY, of Woodside, San Mateo County, CA. Many thanks to Pescadero Volunteer Fire Dept. and Half Moon Bay EOC for urging Pescadero High School to support Amateur Radio and emergency communications.

April 28, 2019