David L. 'Dave' Semanik
Parma, OH

QCWA # 38258

K8WRS - David L. 'Dave' Semanik
First Call: KB8WRS issued in 1995

In the picture I am giving a demonstration, showing a mini Yagi for Fox Hunting. It is designed to operate on the third harmonic of the 2-meter Fox frequency and provides a high degree of attenuation.

As you close in on the Fox turning it from vertical to horizonal provides an additional 20+ Db of attenuation. When you are close to the Fox reverse the antenna, point the reflector end toward the Fox, look for a Null in the signal and there is the Fox!

My main interest is to help newcomers in any way possible and to also teach them that they can afford to upgrade to HF.

Too many times I have heard individuals state that it is very expensive to build an HFstation. With a little knowledge and help a person can build a very reasonably priced station.

QRP stations prove that you do not need a fortune to make contacts! With an older 100 watt transceiver and the proper coax and antenna you can talk around the world.

I believe that every Ham should help the newcomers to our hobby.

The various club VHF Nets should be a training grounds for future HF Hams and training the new members to run a Net is in the best interest of the hobby and the member.

Each Net should provide some type of tech support and conversation. Check-in only type Nets provide little incentive for people to return every week for nothing but a social gathering, as this grows old quickly.

Each of us should contribute whatever we can to make each Net and Club Meeting something that all members will look forward to participating in or gaining knowledge from.As many meetings as possible should have some type of demonstration or specific information given to keep people coming back to the meetings.

There should also be times that each station can be evaluated for signal and sound quality on both VHF and HFwithout anyone feeling they are being put down.This is a sensitive procedure as some take a bad report as a swipe at them personally, but it should be explained that this is to help each station achieve a signal that will allow them to make DX contacts with clarity and increase their probability of making multiple contacts.

Just ask how many DX stations they have heard that could not be understood due to excessive voice processing!

May 06, 2020