KA5WLL - Melvin L. 'Leroy' Alexander KA5WLL

Melvin L. 'Leroy' Alexander
Taylors, SC

QCWA # 38160
Chapter 225
First Call: KA5WLL issued in 1985

First licenced in 1985 in Bartlesville Oklahoma, hence the 5 land call. After a stint in active duty Army Signal Corp, moved into 4 land in Greenville SC, but kept the 5 land call. Upgraded to General class in May 2000 and after being inactive on the bands working on getting back into the hobby. Currently on the air with a Yaseu 450-D with a mystery antennea and also single band 20 and 40 meter antennas.

73 for now and maybe we will talk on the air.

Melvin "Leroy"

PT 1406

Official P/T Closing

All you possum trotters remember the code of the possum, walk softly and wear a big grin. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and if things go wrong, don't go with them just hang in there like a hair in a biscuit.

That's all for now friends, because the tall pines pine, and the paw-paws pause, and the bumble bees bumble all around. The grasshoppers hop, and the eavesdroppers drop while gently, the ole possum slips away.

January 28, 2020