Scott J. Royle
Mt Zion, GA

QCWA # 38299
KK4Z - Scott J. Royle
First Call: KC5RKS issued in 1995       Other Call(s): KM5AV

I always wanted to be a ham radio operator. Even as a little guy I was fascinated by wireless communication. I used to read books and try to study the code (the wrong way of course). While I was in the Army in the early '80's I built a Heathkit HW-8 even though I still didn't have my license. Before I could get my license I was transferred to Germany for three years. Even after getting back the stars still wouldn't align. Finally in Sept. of 1995 I received my Tech License and my new call KC5RKS while living in Shreveport, LA. In October I passed my 5 wpm code test and became a Tech Plus. I continued to study and in May 1996 I applied for my General Class license. I passed the General written test but I had to wait for the 13 wpm code test. While waiting, one of the examiners asked if I would like to take the Advanced test so I did. I missed it by 5 and thought I would try again, this time I missed it by one so I tried one more time since the 5 wpm code test was still going on. Well by golly I passed it (and I did't study for it). Next was the code test and I manged to squeak by the 13 wpm test. Wow, I was an Advanced Class license holder (never was a general) with a new call sign of KM5AV.

I moved to Georgia in 1999 and after a few years of ribbing about my 5 call, I decided to get a 4 call. I decided if I was going to change my call I would get one I really wanted. In Sept. 2003 I passed my Extra Exam (by this time the code requirement was 5 wpm). I hunted around and found a call sign no one bothered with. The license was active but I found out William Troup of Fairhope, AL was deceased. I supplied the FCC with all the proper forms and in October I was awarded KK4Z, which I still hold today.

Currently my interest lie in Emergency Communications, DX'ing and Contesting. The DX'ing and Contesting are somewhat casual. I also provide EmComm for my church. I was deployed with my church as a ham radio operator to Florida for the following hurricanes in the 2004-2005 seasons; Charles, Francis, Jean, Ivan, and Katrina. For Katrina I spent 2 weeks in Gulfport, MS establishing communications between several of our church buildings and to our storehouse near Atlanta GA. I have held several positions in ARES including the GA section SEC for a year. I was also a communicator for the Civil Air Patrol for about 2 years. I am still active in ARES and I am also a State Certified CERT instructor.

My current station consist of a 132 foot inverted Vee doublet antenna about 50 foot off the ground. In the shack I have a Yaesu FTDX3000, and an Icom IC-7000. Both radios are set up for digital communications using FLDIGI. The IC-7000 is tuned by a LDG Z-11 Pro and the FTDX-3000 is tuned by a Palstar AT2KD. I have an Ameritron AL-80B for the FTDX3000. My main microphone is a Heil HM-10. The radios and tuners are powered by a deep cycle marine battery.

Computing power comes from two netbooks. An older (slower) Gateway runs the VE7CC cluster software and also hooks up to the IC-7000. The Asus touchcreen hooks up to the FTDX3000 and besides providing digital it maintains my log using Win-EQF. It's a compact station but I have already worked some good DX like a VK6 station long path. I haven't decided what my next antenna will be but another one is in the plans.

While living in Shreveport my shack was in the bedroom. I worked 2nd shift so when I got home I wasn't quite ready for bed so I would work CW with headphones on while the wife slept. While I'm not a CW whizz I got to where I was purring along at about 18 wpm. I dropped CW for a while mainly while raising 5 kids but now that they are gone I am picking up the habit again. I used to be a F.I.S.T. member (#3042) so I guess I need to renew my membership.

I am a member of ARRL and SEDX Club and will probably renew FIST. It's a great hobby filled with great people.

73 es Good DX
Scott KK4Z

KK4Z - Scott J. Royle

KK4Z - Scott J. Royle
2006 Field Day

July 06, 2020