Eric E. Boyle
Salina, KS

QCWA # 38407
NØYET - Eric E. Boyle
First Call: NØYET issued in 1993

I started HAM radio in 1993 right after getting married. I am 48 years old (2020) and really enjoy working Special Event stations and CW. While those who may have had a QSO with me may have noticed I am not yet very proficient at CW :)

I am the club trustee for WØCY (Central Kansas Amateur Radio Club) so if you need to contact me about that you have the right person. I also am a volunteer QSL card sorter for the ZeroBURO QSL bureau. (http://www.zeroburo.org) so I may have sorted your DX cards if you have a W after the zero.

Recently I have installed a "new" 160M antenna. I live in the center of town and shunt fed my 42 foot tower with a wire and capacitor. Works well so far - even barefoot 100 Watts. For some added fun I attached flourescent tubes to the wire and painted them red and green for visual effect while transmitting.

My other hobbies include hunting (deer and birds) and shooting pistols and my favorite - muzzleloaders - the old style, long barrel, smoky kind.

Hope to talk to you on the air.


January 16, 2021