James C. 'Jim' Oberg
Tinley Park, IL

QCWA # 38137
Chapter 2
First Call: N9ZQS issued in 1995

Jim, N9JO, didn't give me much to work with when he commissioned this QSL. "I.m a former electrical engineer," he told me, "and I'm retired". That only narrowed it down to about half of the hams currently licensed.

Then he sent me a photo he'd found online of some other ham, asleep in his shack, feet up and sending CW with his toe. "QLF" * it said. And that, I realized, was the hook.

What's it like to be retired and hamming? It's kinda like the guy in that picture --- so that's how I drew Jim. I added some loose hand lettering and bright blocks of color, and this is what I came up with. I can only hope to relax in my shack like that some day!

de N2EST

* QLF - Q Signal - Send with the left foot! (not a compliment - NØUF)

N9JO - James C. 'Jim' Oberg

January 02, 2020