NN4U - Eugene A. 'Chip' Lohman NN4U

Eugene A. 'Chip' Lohman
Woodbridge, VA

QCWA # 38086
First Call: KA6HWO issued in 1979       Other Call(s): N4EDJ

Name - 'Chip' QSL directly, via the Bureau or LOTW.

1978: Built a Heathkit HW-101 while deployed to Okinawa (licensed as a Novice - KA6HWO).
1980: Member Pentagon Amateur Radio Club, K4AF (licensed as a General - N4EDJ).
1986: Purchased a Yaesu 757gx for maritime mobile, but life got in the way. (Licensed as an Extra - NN4U).
2018: Retired and discovered the Yaesu 757gx was DOA - too much "shelf" duty.

ARRL WAS (mixed & CW) and DXCC (mixed) with 100 watts, a dipole and patience.

Radios: Kenwood TS-870s & 230 Station Monitor
Yaesu FT-991A
Heathkit HW-101

HF: Buckmaster inverted V, OCF 7-band dipole
Cushcraft R9 vertical
VHF: Elk 2M/440 5-element, log periodic

1994: 25 years Marine Corps - Infantry
2009: 15 years Telecom - Sales
2018: 10 years NRA - Managing Editor, Shooting Sports USA magazine

2019: Heathkit HW-101 Professionally restored by W3HM.
2019: MARS License - AFA3CL

NN4U - Eugene A. 'Chip' Lohman

NN4U - Eugene A. 'Chip' Lohman

September 23, 2019