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Founded - December 5, 1947
Quarter Century Wireless Association Inc.
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  2023 Election: Nominations close November 15, 2022 - contact the Nominating Committee to submit a candidate.
QCWA Welcomes our Newest Members!
07/1838765KQ4EJim Lee - Rogersville, TN
07/1938766WØHAPaula Persons - Brainerd, MN
07/2138767W3FJWFrank Witkowski - Hookstown, PA
07/2338768W6GMUPaul Gussow - Cypress, CA
07/2338769N8IQVDave Atkerson - Milford, OH
07/2338770NZ4DXFrederick Bennett - Newport, NC
07/3138771K6LCSClint Bradford - Jurupa Valley, CA
08/0238772N8SWLHelen Burnside - Buckhannon, WV
08/0338773K6JPRBrad Sage - Pleasant Hill, CA
08/0338774KA6TZUDi Sage - Pleasant Hill, CA
08/0338775K7DHPaul Kratt - Lewes, DE
08/0838776KI5UXCLarry Pollis - Plano, TX
08/0838777K1SWDick Phelps - Vernon, CT
08/0938778W4KEFKen Fields - Crawfordville, FL
08/0938779K7HDXRon Shelley - Cedar City, UT
08/0938780K4BYKBeth Jarvis - Ellijay, GA
08/1138781K9RKRichard Kunath - Minneapolis, MN
08/1238782WZ6KRich Wodka - San Francisco, CA
08/1338783WZØLKen Duvio - Coon Rapids, MN
08/1438784KØDVHSteve Arens - Macon, GA
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If you were licensed when this radio came out and are licensed today, you qualify for Membership.

I-Com IC-781
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