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Quarter Century Wireless Association Inc.
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  Saturday FLORIDA SSB net on 3.955 MHz at 1300Z, the NCS is W4KOG
QCWA Welcomes our Newest Members!
05/0238699K7CFGCary Gielniak - Maricopa , AZ
05/0338700K5LEJim Markle - Pryor, OK
05/0438701N5EKCSteve Peters - Alexandria, LA
05/0438702WA5TSTerry Smith - Mineral Wells, TX
05/0538703ND3CSteve Jones - Baltimore, MD
05/0538704AGØTJeremiah Oeltjen - Stewartville, MN
05/0738705WØREMRodney McDaniel - Sedgwick, KS
05/0738706WBØMHHLyle Sands - Hot Springs Village, AR
05/0738707NØLBWLance Deaver - Virginia Beach, VA
05/0938708NQ4YTerry Bartholomew - Lenoir City, TN
05/1038709WR5EJJ Lambert - Pueblo West, CO
05/1038710W4BOHWilson Lamb - Hillsborough, NC
05/1038711W4KXTom Doligalski - Cary, NC
05/1338712WH6DBAGeorge LeCompte - Kapolei, HI
05/1338713KBØRDLLaird Wilcox - Olathe, KS
05/1438714N2UNMichael Downey - Portland, OR
05/1438715N3RNRob Nygren - Sweet Valley , PA
05/1538716KA2LASBill Savino - Morristown, NJ
05/2138717WB6PIOBernie Walp - Hilo, HI
05/2138718AA6GJGary Johnson - Rancho Cucamonga , CA
05/2638719W1ZXDJohn Sullivan - Orcas, WA
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If you were licensed when this radio came out and are licensed today, you qualify for Membership.

Yaesu FT-5200
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