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Founded - December 5, 1947
Quarter Century Wireless Association Inc.
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  Saturday FLORIDA SSB net on 3.955 MHz at 1300Z, the NCS is W4KOG
QCWA is looking for a new Webmaster

Bob Roske, NØUF has held the position since 2002. QCWA is indebted to Bob for carrying the torch for so many years. Bob has made the QCWA Website a living legend. In 2003 there were 731 files that comprised the QCWA Website. Today there are 24,479 active files plus ~34,000 applications ~35,000 HQ IBM cards scanned and avalable to the QCWA Admininstration site.

The programs, applications and operating system used to create and maintain https://www.qcwa.org are: PHP 5, MariaDB 5.5.60, PERL 5 V 16, JavaScript, LINUX Red Hat Maipp V 7.6, GNU bash V 4.2.46, FPDF, crontab

Mr Roske's computer runs Windows 10 with the following software installed. Adobe Acrobat 10, MS-Office, WS_FPT LE 1995. A 500 GB USB Passport(external HD) for QCWA backups will be mailed to the new Webmaster.

If this volunteer position is of interest to you, please send a resume to:
Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.