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Founded - December 5, 1947
Quarter Century Wireless Association Inc.
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QCWA Welcomes our Newest Members!
12/2738608N8WAHMichael Clark - Brownstown Township, MI
12/2938609WA6GBWMarv Miller - Portland, OR
12/3038610N5KSFDennis Kilrain - San Antonio, TX
01/0138611KC7UXMCraig Lyles - El Paso, TX
01/0138612AB8TNDavid Morley - Las Vegas, NV
01/0138613NT1APTom Phillips - Hebron, CT
01/0138614KCØCIURachel Traughber - Eden Prairie , MN
01/0238615NØODKMike Paskeuric - Forest Lake , MN
01/0238616K6BIVTim Barrett - Pittsburg, CA
01/0338617KD1MUGregg Lebovitz - Brookline, MA
01/0838618KØPKORusty Alton - Bartlesville, OK
01/0838619W7QHEDick Diddams - Bedford, VA
01/0838620W4HAGDavid Haag - Venice, FL
01/0838621N2DUETed Phillips - Commack, NY
01/1138622KO1CDavid Carney - Tilton, NH
01/1238623NA7PGreg Bell - Edmonds, WA
01/1438624NXØRJim Tanis - Hays, KS
01/1638625N4TVCRandy Allen - Burke, VA
01/1738626K4LESLarry Sheridan - The Villages, FL
01/1738627KC2ARXBill Adams - Clermont, FL
01/1738628K9TGUSteve Hogan - Lake Wales, FL
01/1938629WD7YEd Dybowski - Reno, NV
01/2038630KI4EZLSteve Nielsen - Fayetteville, NC
01/2038631NM9XFrank Jesko - Waynesboro , GA
01/2138632AC5SUBen Jones - Jackson, MS
01/2338633KI4EZKChar Nielsen - Fayetteville, NC
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If you were licensed when this radio came out and are licensed today, you qualify for Membership.

Kenwood TH-27a
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