31 May 2010
                                                                     3570 Ridgewood Road
                                                                     Arden Hills, MN 55112

     Mr. Chuck Walbridge
     QCWA General manager
     P.O. Box 3247
     Framinghsam, MA 01705-3247

     Mr. Walbridge:

     The QCWA Chapter 8 wishes to make a memorial to our members who have become silent keys over     
     the last four and a half years.  They are:

          Powell Kruger WØWY
          Gary Cain W8MFL
          Rob Larson WØUP
          Bill Ogden WØKHG
          Steve Plasman KØIMA
          Rose Schieffert WAØWVR
          Bob Westland WØAUS
          Fred Bardwell W8OSM
          John L. Hill WØZWW
          Charles Peterson WØ0UIE

     Our check #2090 for $100.00 is enclosed

     We hope this will facilitate a new generations of hams.

     Thomas s. Steele
     Treasurer QCWA-8