Flag of the Great State of Minnesota

Minnesota's State Flower - The Showy Lady Slipper(Cypripedium Reginae)
Upper Midwest Chapter 8
The Twin Cities - Minneapolis and St Paul
Chartered November 1, 1957

Chapter Call

L'Etoile du Nord - the Star of the North
Land of 10,000 Lakes

Bob Packer(SK-1987) - Waite Park - First Year Call Plates Issued. My Elmer - Bob, WN0CLR, AC0L & N0UF

QCWA's - The Old Man Minnesota's State Bird - The Common Loon
 (Gavia Immer)

Executive Council
PresidentBob MallonWØBAD612-280-5847  
Vice PresidentHerm SaulWØHJS612-267-1862  
SecretaryDan FranzWDØGUP651-247-2164  
Treasurer/MembershipDave RuchNFØJ952-888-7819  
Director at LargeJohn BerglundKØUBA651-222-6998  
Past PresidentJim OathoutWBØKZB763-614-7681  

Activities and Meetings
MonDayYrTimeLocation/RestaurantStreet Address
Sept2120201100CZoom Online Meeting
General Membership Meeting
Zoom Internet
Nov2120201100CZoom Online Meeting
General Membership Meeting
Zoom Internet
Dec1920201100CZoom Online Meeting
Holiday Party
Zoom Internet
Jan 1620211100CZoom Online Meeting
General Membership Meeting
Zoom Internet
Feb2020211300CZoom Online Meeting
In-Between the Meeting, Meeting
Zoom Internet
Mar2020211300CZoom Online Meeting
General Membership Meeting/Officer Nominations
Zoom Internet
Mar20218:00CCivic Center - Calder Ave
Midwinter Madness Hamfest
>>>>>COVID-19 Cancelled<<<<<<
1306 County Rd 134 NE Buffalo
Apr1720211300CVirtual Zoom Meeting
In-Between the Meeting, Meeting
Zoom Internet
May1520211300CVirtual Zoom Meeting
Annual Meet/Officer Elections
Zoom Internet
June1920211300CZoom Online Meeting
In-Between the Meeting, Meeting
Zoom Internet
June26-27202124 hrOn The Air - ARRL Field Day
Virtual On the Air Field Day
July1720211300CZoom Online Meeting
In-Between the Meeting, Meeting
Zoom Internet
Aug720211300CZoom Online Meeting
Operating Event
Zoom Internet

Our Nets
DayTimeNCSFreq MHz+/-Comment
SAT0800CWDØGUP3.908Gathering @ Ø745C

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For more information about Chapter 8 contact Dave, NFØJ via
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Dave Ruch, NFØJ
PO Box 20696
Bloomington, MN 55420
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A little History from Avery KØHLA
When I first joined chapter 8 I must have been the youngest member. As I remember we had around 50-60 members at each meeting. We met down off University and Snelling at what was like an "Old Country Buffet". Most of the members had original WØ calls, my KØ call showed me to be a newer ham back then. Some of the calls I remember were: WØKYG, WØIXR, and how could anyone forget WØFCC?

Evert, WØKYG, and I used to go to many meetings together. The meetings were on a Week night and in the winter it made it difficult for people in the far reaches of the state to make the meetings so they were changed to the Officers Club at Fort Snelling on Saturdays. Much better, more room too.

Funny thing about WØKYG and I, for many years we just chatted on CW. One day I happened to check into the PICONET on 3925 and there was Evert as net control. He came back to saying "what are you doing on phone?" My response was "same as you" and so everyone had a good laugh.

I was voted into being secretary so with my then new Apple 2C and away I went. The business meetings were quite long and involved so I started bringing a tape recorder and transcribing the minutes when I got home which worked out just fine. Also it solved a lot of arguments as to what people said as I could just play it back for all to hear.

We had some neat programs too. Someone showed us how PC boards were manufactured and someone else showed us photographs of his trip to Alaska. He was a professional photographer on vacation and so was always telling us how the photos could be improved but to most of us we could not tell as they were so good.

Well, that is about all I can remember from my "OLD" days with chapter 8

73 es DX de KØHLA Avery.
QCWA # 16076
( CW Forever )