Hams Present at the June 8th, 1957 meeting in the St Paul Hotel

Jim Paist WØRBR *St Paul 1921 - 9CGG
Boyd 'Beeb' Phelps WØBP Minneapolis 1916
Burt Quam * Minneapolis 1932
Ben Sruzz * Minneapolis 1932
C.E. Bellinger WØRWF Minneapolis 1921
Gottfrid Peterson * Scandia 1932
George Alexander * St Paul 1927
Joseph Tomczyk WØDBC *Minneapolis 1926 - 9DBC
Berry B Foster WØIBD *St Paul
C. Ben Miller WØDKL *St Louis Park 1927
Harry Foster WØDJH *Minneapolis 1931
F. Weyerhaeuser WØYPQ St Paul 1921
Garfield A. AndersonWØDOP *Minneapolis 1927
John M. Black WØUUI *Bayport 1917
Forrest Bryant WØFDS Minneapolis 1919
Harry A. Nielsen WØKKP *Minneapolis 1923
Lewis W. McFall WØGNS *Minot, ND 1931
Claude Stevens WØCDV Minneapolis 1926
Ray Murtberg WØEI * Minneapolis 1930
Ray Mayhugh   Not present but probably interested
Bert Coil *
George Collier *
Ted Young *
* not included on the petition for charter but are considered Charter Members of Chapter 8!
original sign in sheet (4 meg)
Petition For Charter
Chapter 8 Charter Members

We the undersigned, hereby petition the Board of Directors of the Quarter Century Wireless Association for a charter authorizing the formation of a local Chapter in Minneapolis-St Paul area to be known as the Upper Midwest Chapter.

Call Name QCWA#
WØYPQ(SK) F. Weyerhaeuser 1574
WØPKO(SK) M.R. Mayhugh 1603
WØJVM(SK) Robert Aldrich 1593
WØFDS(SK) Forrest Bryant 1601
WØCDV(SK) C.H. Stevens 1564
WØRWF(SK) C.E. Bellinger 1620
WØVSZ(SK) A.M. Anderson 1619
WØHZY(SK) Gilbert Bassett 1606
WØBP (SK) Boyd 'Beeb' Phelps 957
WØELA(SK) Clyde Horton 584
WØCTW(SK) Ray H. Weihe 630
This petition signed September 25, 1957
original petition (2.5 meg)

Request for Charter
September 30, 1957

Charter Letter
November 1, 1957

issued; October 1, 1965
effective; November 1, 1957

ARRL Donation
1963 or later