W1UJR - Bruce J. Howes W1UJR

Bruce J. Howes
Wiscasset, ME

QCWA # 38136
Chapter 24
First Call: KB2VKJ issued in 1995       Other Call(s): KG2IC

Greetings From the Coast Of Maine!
About The QSL Card
The QSL card always gets a great deal of comment. The operator does bear somewhat of a resemblance to me when I was in my mid 30s, and while not me, it does reflect my affinity for radio equipment from the 1930/40s era. The card came about back in the late 1990s when my friend Tom W2KBW and I were attending the Antique Wireless Association Conference in Rochester, NY. Tom was sorting through some old radio magazines and came across an issue with this image on the cover. It was at his suggestion the QSL card was made. The image was created from a photo taken during the 1947 Gatti-Hallicrafters DXepedition to Africa, a most fascinating story, well worth the read. I'll let you in on a secret, if you look closely at the QSL cards on the wall, you'll note that I have modified a few to include some prominent Western New York call signs. I formerly lived near Buffalo, NY before my move to Maine in 2001.

I was first licensed in the mid 1990s, and became an extra class license holder a short time later. My interest in radio is not new however, but dates back to my teenage years. The first shortwave radio, a Realistic DX-160 kept me up many a late night as I tuned in the world. My first vacuum tube radio was old vacuum tube RCA console from which I would listen to WBZ in Boston late into the night. The idea that I could both hear and know what was happening in another city, or around the world in but an instant, ignited a passion that I have to this day, what I like to call the "magic of radio"!

Like commercial broadcast stations, amateur radio operators throughout the world are identified by their callsign. Each callsign is issued by the amateur's government, in the United States the agency is the Federal Communications Commission, and is unique throughout the world. One's callsign can quickly become more identifiable than one's own name! I moved to Portland, Maine in January of 2001 and hence replaced the KG2IC call with a suitable old buzzard "W1" call to reflect the call district. To honor my elmer, W2UJR, I took the "UJR" suffix.

I'm a business owner here in Maine, and have a number of life interests and passions, from early American history, old houses, sailing, wooden boats, Emergency Medicine (Nationally Registered Advanced Emergency Technician (EMT-A), of course, vintage radio. My primary radio interest is the preservation and operation of vacuum tube ham gear from the 1920s to the 1940s, and much of my "radio time" is spent in the documentation and restoration of such gear.

Early prewar gear, especially homebrew, holds a special place, as my interests have shifted significantly to favor anything with a black wrinkle finish and glowing filaments. In my spare time, I amuse myself by writing and photographing my efforts, be sure to check my Restorations page, at www.w1ujr.net, to see some my past work, the projects are listed on the left menu bar. You can also check my YouTube page at www.youtube.com/user/w1ujr.

In case you have far too much time on your hands, and you're wondering what projects I'm currently working on, see Bruce's Bench, on www.w1ujr.net, to find out how I have been burning the midnight oil. While still retaining my interest in early radio gear, as of late I have also become fascinated with the concept of QRP operation, and have built almost every kit offered by Elecraft. I am on the Elecraft builders list, and build at no charge for elderly and disabled hams.

I'm always on the lookout for vintage radio parts as well as restorable rigs, mostly Gross Radio, Collins and National. Please send me an E-mail if you have anything in those lines that you'd like to part with. I'm particularly interested in finding a early rotary spark transmitter, as well as early Gross or Collins desktop units.

I'm a Life member of both the ARRL and the Antique Wireless Association. In my spare, non-radio time, I work in Emergency Medicine as an Advanced EMT, enjoy celestial navigation, sailing, and exploring the Maine coast.

QSL - Reception Reports
Feel free to contact me at W1UJR@ARRL.net with comments or questions.
I appreciate QSL cards sent via postal mail, always enjoy exchanging cards.
For reception reports via email or postal mail, QSL cards are also gladly sent.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page, I hope to catch you on the air!

73 de Bruce W1UJR
Isaiah 6:8

W1UJR - Bruce J. Howes

W1UJR - Bruce J. Howes

W1UJR - Bruce J. Howes   W1UJR - Bruce J. Howes

January 02, 2020