W2ZE - October 20, 1973
W2ZE - Paul F. Godley Honorary Member

Paul F. Godley
Upper Montclair, NJ

QCWA # 133 (joined in 1948)
QCWA # H0001 (HQ IBM Card - 12/03/1948)

Born: September 23, 1889

Paul Forman Godley; began work in the wireless field in 1908 when the first commercial wireless station was constructed in Chicago Illinois. Godley rose quickly in the fledgling industry attending the University of Illinois in 1910, outlining a course of instruction at the Collegiate Institute in Port Arthur Texas in 1912.

Then on to the Amazon River in 1913 to construct a radio system for the Brazilian government. Godley became deeply involved in the early days of radio broadcasting and formed one of the first United States radio consulting engineering firms in 1935 with George H. Brown (Godley & Brown, Consulting Radio Engineers, Montclair New Jersey).

In 1937 Godley and Edmund A. Laport petitioned the US Patent Office for a patent for radiating systems which look very much like today's helical and fractal antennas. Godley continued in radio frequency consulting engineering and was later honored by his son, Paul Godley Jr, taking over the practice.

In 1975 Paul Godley Jr was ready to retire. The Paul Godley Company was sold to three young engineers and became the firm of Sherman, Olkowski & Beverage located in Medford New Jersey. In later years the partners went their own ways with Clarence M. Beverage, Harold H. Beverage's nephew, founding Communications Technologies Inc in 1985.

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W2ZE - Paul F. Godley

W2ZE - Paul F. Godley

From: "Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's" - Volume 1, pg 9
by Alan Douglas, published c1988-c1991
Reprinted from Radio World (Aug 16, 1922) pg 8
Paul worked for Adams-Morgan Paragon