W4CWL - Clifford W. 'Wes' Lindsey W4CWL

Clifford W. 'Wes' Lindsey
Suwanee, GA

QCWA # 37984
First Call: KC4GTB issued in 1988

Wes Lindsey - Former callsign: KC4GTB

First licensed 1988. Things have changed quite a bit. Back then, I worked the world on 10mSSB and got DXCC as a Novice. No such luck nowadays, thanks to the spotless sun. What's next?

Looking forward to getting back into this wonderful hobby, working lots of stations, trying new modes, and getting involved with MARS.

Current rig: Kenwood TS850s/at and Icom-735, running to a Hy-Gain 14AVQ multiband vertical with a bunch of radials. Also have a 124' Ultimax end fed antenna.

I like old school QSLs, so don't be shy about sending me yours.

Day Job - pediatric cardiologist just north of Atlanta. Also full time dad to 3 awesome kids.

Ten-Ten number 58241
Maidenhead Grid: EM74wb
QRZ grid: EM73uu
GA County - Gwinnett
tel: 404-694-0159

QSL - Direct or Bureau, LOTW. If I figure out how eQSL works, I might do that too.

April 19, 2019