John Downton
Nashville, TN

QCWA # 38035
W4POP - John Downton
First Call: WN4HAI issued in 1962       Other Call(s): WN4ZNI WD4SHJ

I have been interested in amateur radio since high school. I was first license as a novice in 1962.

After all the years I'm still amazed at the distance I can talk on the radio. I originnally got interested in radio by listening to distant AM broadcast stations on my mother's kitchen radio.

I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio until age 13 then moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Oak Ridge being a scientific town had its share of Hams who were willing to help get me a license. I had a Ham license before I had a license to drive a car.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS degree, and a Doctorate in Jurisprudence fron the Nashville School of Law.

I retired from the State of Tennessee after 25 yrs.

In addition to ham radio I enjoy working on the wood turning lathe in my wood work shop. I love to fly fish for rainbow trout in the beautiful rivers of Tennessee.

Life is Good!!!!

June 05, 2019