W9SZ - Zachary R. 'Zack' Widup
Dayton 2014

Zachary R. 'Zack' Widup
Champaign, IL

QCWA # 38335
Chapter 2
First Call: WA9UOT issued in 1967       Other Call(s): WA9UOT

I was first licensed as a Novice in April 1967 as WN9UOT after doing some SWL'ing for a few years. Upgraded to General (WA9UOT) in 1968. Most of my activity was (and still is) on CW. I got the Extra class license in 1971 and my current callsign in 1977 during the first "vanity callsign" program the FCC did.

These days I'm into DXing, contesting and VHF/UHF weak-signal work with equipment for all bands from 80 meters through 47 GHz. Just got permission to operate on 2200 and 630 meters.

W9SZ - Zachary R. 'Zack' Widup

September 09, 2020