QCWA's - The Old Man Webmasters & DBAs*
DBA since 2012 when the DB was put on-line.
QCWA's - The Old Man

Served QCWA # Call Name
1996 - 1997 16915 N7YWsk Gene Williams
1997 - 2002 28626 NØDTsk Dan Copeland
2002 - 2021 26454 NØUF Bob Roske
2021 - 38257 AI1U Tony Perales

Extracts from various reports and articles in the Journal

1992 Summer Journal
The BBS and FAX are now on-line.
The FAX/BBS number was (503) 683-4181, the BBS parameters were 2400, N-8-1
1994 Spring Journal
Just a note to all members that use the BBS, FAX and packet
1995 Summer Journal
I now have an internet (email) address: jwalsh@efn.org By the time you read this we should have a HOME PAGE for QCWA.
1995 Fall Journal
The Home Page has been created and installed and anyone in the world can find QCWA. The address of the Home Page: fttp://www.efn.org/-qcwa
1995 Winter Journal
Early in October we established an electronic application which when completed is automatically e-mailed to Headquarters. We now have received some 14 of that type of applications.
1996 Spring Journal
My good friend Gene Williamson, K7DBV, now has a new title "Webmaster" of our Home Page.
1996 Fall Journal
I am changing my personal e-mail address. Currently it is jwalsh@efn.org and as of the last of August it is changed to jwalsh@teleport.com. In due time I will change the Home page to the same server for the service is just absolutely great.
As soon as we are through with the Board meeting in October the home page will be moved to the teleport.com server. The cost will be approximately the same, but service will be so much better
The BBS has a new modem on it and it can handle 28,800 modem speeds very well.
1996 Winter Journal
We hope to have the Home page moved to Teleport at least by the middle of December. The address will be "http://www.teleport.com/-qcwa". Almost all of our Board have an e-mail address or FAX capabilities.
1997 Spring Journal
I am learning a new data base program called ACCESS.
1999 Winter Journal
My name is Dan Copeland, NØDT and I have been the QCWA Webmaster for the last 2 years.
2001 Fall Journal
One of the latest developments is our installation of a DSL service for the computer system. What an improvement when it comes to downloading files, especially large picture files. In the middle of all of this we had to move our Home Page to another server. It is now closer to our Webmaster and much more convenient for him to take care of the Home Page. After some weeks, it is now up and running again and looking good as usual.
2001 Winter Journal
The 2001 Directory is now on the Home page at "qcwa.org"
2003 Spring Journal
A new item on the home page at 'qcwa.org' for you to discover. One of our members called our attention to the 'fillable' .pdf file and with some investigation; we now have the Domestic, Canadian and the Foreign QCWA applications on the home page. You can download them and fill them in with your computer. What an aid to be able to complete the application so easily. If you haven't gone to the home page, try it out, we have a new webmaster and he has developed some new approaches that I am sure you will like.

The new webmaster was me, Bob, NØUF (from late in 2002 and still at it in 2019.)
2004 Spring Journal
Chuck Walbridge, K1IGD is the new General Manager
This history was compiled by Bob, NØUF
The server move in the 2001 Fall Journal may have been to one provided by Member Joe Eisenberg, KØNEB
We were on Joe's server when I took over as the webmaster.

We moved to a server provided by Howard Cunningham, WD5DBC in November of 2008.
Since that time PERL, PHP and Mysql have been added to Howard's server and are being used to support the QCWA Website.

In 2018 the server was moved to a different data center that has much faster access speeds, tnx Howard!

April, 2019: appropriate files set up so the QCWA passwords can be changed at will instead of needing changes in 97 files.

July, 2019: www.qcwa.org moved to a new server. This server is totally secure, https://www.qcwa.org. The new server does use PHP 7 Vs PHP 5 and MariaDB Vs Mysql. This required a variety of program changes.

January, 2021: After 18 years, QCWA is getting a new webmaster. 47 es 73 Bob, NØUF

The new Webmaster is Tony, he can add whatever is appropriate!

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