Who Gets What?
Who do you e-mail if you want to get something done?

Membership and Administration questions to:
Office Manager

To request Certificates:
Certificate Custodian VACANT
Membership supplies ( shirts , hats, cups, etc.)
Supplies Custodian Ken OelkeVE6AFO
Journal Articles and monthly Chapter Articles:
Editor Amber PelletierK1AMP
Anything web related:
Webmaster Tony PeralesAI1U
You can also contact:
PresidentKen OelkeVE6AFO
Vice PresidentTom LaughneyAJ4XM
SecretaryRon FishKX1W

Most things are automated. For example, if you order certificates from your member web page, The order will go to our certificate custodian, VACANT ,

Almost anything dealing with the memberships and administration, comes to me @

If in doubt sent it to me and I will forward it.

47 es 73,