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QCWA's - The Old Man

50 Year Longevity Award - The criteria for this award is that the Chapter was chartered 50 years ago and is currently active. The certificate will be created by HQ when the annual report is received for the year in which the Chapter will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Provisions for additional five year incremental awards will be made. This award will be retroactive to include those Chapters that are currently qualified.
This award was established June 2008.

Recipients ( certificates will be sent after they are designed )
Chapter  1 - Cleveland, Ohio     - Chartered Jun, 1, 1951 *
Chapter  2 - Chicago Area        - Chartered Jun 13, 1954 *
Chapter  5 - Delaware Valley     - Chartered Sep 12, 1956
Chapter  6 - Pittsburgh          - Chartered Jan  8, 1957
Chapter  7 - Southern California - Chartered Jan 15, 1957
Chapter  8 - Upper Midwest       - Chartered Sep 30, 1957
Chapter  9 - SouthWest Ohio      - Chartered Oct 11, 1957
Chapter 10 - Michigan            - Chartered Apr 13, 1959

* These Chapters also qualify for the 55 year award.

Chapter of the Year Awards
Distinguished Service - Awarded to a single chapter contributing in a significant manor to their community, Amateur Radio and QCWA. This award is bestowed upon a Chapter with SEVERAL of their members participating in a community project or event that brings favorable recognition to QCWA. Wild Rose Chapter 151's International Space Station Contact in 2005 would be an excellent example.

Meritorious Service - Awarded to a single Chapter that demonstrates the most Chapter improvement, growth, participation within/by the Chapter itself. Participation could be in QCWA QSO parties, QCWA nets, or the most Chapter representation at a Convention for a few examples.
These awards were established February 8, 2008.

Additional Information:
The CHAPTER OF THE YEAR AWARDS will commence on June 1, 2008 and continue until further notice by the QCWA Chapter Relations Committee. The Chapter of the Year Awards challenge will run from June 1 to May 31 of each year. All Chapter accomplishments/feats must be performed within this time frame to be eligible.

Application for either/both Chapter of the Year Awards shall come from the respective Chapters in the form of a self nomination with supporting documentation as to why they would be the most eligible for the Award honor. The documentation must have the Chapter President and at least one additional officer's signature on the submitted materials. The materials must be submitted by mail or e-mail to the Chair of the Chapter Relations Standing Committee to arrive no later than July 1 after the contest year ends, (Addresses available on the QCWA Website or www.qrz.com).

Within a three year period, a previous Chapter of the Year Award winner may reapply for a SECOND Chapter of the Year Award provided that the second award is for a different type award. It is not mandatory that either/both awards be conferred in any given year.

Determination of the winner(s) of the Chapter of the Year Awards will be made by the Chapter Relations Committee with the Office Manager as an advisor from submitted nominations. National Officers and committee members from chapters under consideration will be excused from participation to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Each award will be a plaque stating the chapter's accomplishment. If possible, the presentation of the Chapter of the Year Awards will be made at the QCWA National Convention to those chapter members in attendance. Also, an announcement of the chapter's accomplishment will be placed in the Journal and on the QCWA website with a ehapter provided photo.

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